Are you searching for a veterinary clinic with extended diagnostic and treatment options and friendly caring staff?
Stop looking further and join the Petsfit veterinary clinic in the WoensXL shopping mall.
Our experienced and professional team works in a modern and well equiped facility, easily accesible by both car and public transportation. Our time table of open consultation hours enables you to visit our clinic for consultations without appointment: just drop in and we will help your animal further.
Last but not least, we are committed to offer high quality veterinary care at affordable prices.


Does your dog, cat or rabbit show symptoms of disease?
The Petsfit veterinary clinic is ready to help you out.
You are welcome to drop in without appointment during consultation hours.
Our team will help your pet further with help of our extended diagnostic and treatment options.
Do you consider the illnes of your pet an emergency? Please contact us before transportation.


Our team has extensive experience with spaying and neutering of dogs, cats and rabbits.
Spaying, neutering and other surgical treatments are carried out on appointment only.
Besides regular surgical spays and neuters, we offer chemical neutering for male dogs and laparoscopic spays for bitches of medium and large breeds.
Please contact us for further information or to schedule an appointment.


Annual vaccination stands at the base of prevention of infectious diseases of your pet.
Do you wish to avoid to be hit by a substantial vet bill? Offer your pet an annual check-up and vaccination.

At the Petsfit veterinary clinic, check-ups and vaccinations can be done without appointment.
Drop in during our consultation hours and we are happy to help you and your pet. By assessing your pets circumstances and vaccination history, we determine the most appropriate vaccination scheme.
All vaccinations are preceeded by a thorough physical examination of your animal.
If you are the happy owner of more than one pet, only a single consultation fee is charged per visit.
We are having ample experience with rabiës vaccination and blood testing, including preparation of paperwork needed to travel abroad with your animal.


Do you see dental tartar on the teeth of your dog or cat?
Do you smell a bad breath when near to your animal or do you see any loose teeth?
Dental problems in pets can be very painfull, even if your animal does not show any signs of pain. Without proper action, problems will get worse and worse over time. Please drop in for a free dental check during our consultation hours. When needed our team will be ready to offer professional dental treatments with help of our extended range of equipment, including dental X-ray.